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Contact Information

KCHIP Toll-Free Hotlines

877-KCHIP-18 (877) 524-4718
TTY/TDD: (877) KCHIP-19 (877) 524-4719
Hispanic Interpreter: (800) 662-5397

Medicaid Member Services

(800) 635-2570

Cabinet for Health and Family Services Ombudsman

(800) 372-2973

Health Benefit Exchange

(855) 4kynect (855) 459-6328

MCO Contacts for Members and Providers

Use the form below to send an e-mail regarding KCHIP to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. This mailbox is for basic questions and answers pertaining to the KCHIP program. Eligibility and case status or change of case information cannot be changed or determined through this mail box.