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What is KCHIP?

What is KCHIP? A Look Into the Kentucky Children's Health Insurance Program

Children's health is important to everyone, but barriers to health care access may prevent you from coverage. KCHIP is a free health insurance program for children under the age of 19 without health insurance who qualify for help.

Are you eligible? Uninsured children under 19 who live in families with an income at or less than 218% of the federal poverty level are eligible. Not sure if you qualify? Visit to check specific KCHIP income limits.

When determining your income, be sure to calculate before taxes are taken out. Speak with your employer to confirm your salary or wage.

What is covered by KCHIP? Prescriptions, well-care checks and immunizations, hospital stays, provider and dental visits, mental health services, glasses and vision care, speech and physical therapy, and much more.

How do you apply? Find and print an application at If access to a computer is not an option, call 1-844-407-8398 toll-free to request an application. Applications can also be picked up at any local health department, provider's office, hospital, pharmacy, or school.

Need help applying? Call 1-855-459-6328 for assistance. It is toll-free.

What do you need to apply for KCHIP? Every applicant needs a proof of income, proof of expenses for child care or disabled adult living at home, health insurance information, proof of citizenship, and proof of identity.

For more information, visit, or, or call 1-877-524-4718.