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3 Tips for First-Time KCHIP Users


Congratulations! You have successfully applied for the Kentucky Children's Health Insurance Program and you're ready to fulfill your child's medical needs. KCHIP covers a myriad of services, including your child's dentist's appointments. It's about that time of year for your child's biannual appointment, but you want to be prepared for what to expect. Here are three tips to make your experience an easy and convenient appointment for you and your child.

Make sure to have your KCHIP health care card on hand -- Every KCHIP member should receive in the mail a white wallet-size plastic card, signifying your child's acceptance of KCHIP benefits. Remember to keep to this card with you at all medical appointments, as it allows your child to avoid charge for health services. Don't let anyone else use your child's card. If you lose your child's card, immediately contact your caseworker to order a new one.

Expect to wear a mask upon entering the office, as well as your dentist wearing the necessary safety equipment during your appointment – Safety should be everyone's concern as the pandemic continues throughout the country. Medical appointments require all patients to wear a mask upon entry to their office. For your safety, the safety of your children, and all other patients at the facility, bring a mask to all appointments. Your dentist will be wearing protective gear as well, expect masks, face shields, and gloves to be worn during the appointment.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask your child's dentist – Your child's dentist is a professional healthcare provider, and is used to questions regarding care, coverage, and benefits. Establishing a comfortable relationship with your child's office will further make your child's experience at the dentist's office a comfortable one. Questions can also be asked about KCHIP by calling (877) 524-4719 at the KCHIP toll-free hotline. More information can be found online at or